Using CGI

We do not provide free technical support for cgi programming or debugging. We do, however, make available the tools for persons interested in using custom cgi scripts and programs.

Global Server Utilities: 

perl       /usr/bin/perl    
sendmail:       /usr/sbin/sendmail

* For Example; To remove dos carriage returns from a text file on your server called whatever.pl, enter /usr/bin/dos2unix whatever.pl whatever Name the output file something different from your original file or you will loose all the data in your file.

Using Custom CGI Scripts

1) When you log onto your site using FTP, you will see a directory called cgi-bin.

2) Copy your cgi script/s into the cgi-bin directory.

3) Make sure to use ASCII text mode if you are uploading perl scripts in FTP

4) To make your script/s executable using FTP from within your cgi-bin directory, enter the following command:

5) Call your cgi scripts in your HTML using the following path:
(replace your_domain.com with your site's domain name)
(replace file_name with your script's file name)



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