FrontPage Information

Once you have created your HTML documents using FrontPage, you are going to need to move them from your local computer onto your virtual server.

FrontPage Hosting Overview:

  1. FrontPage is only supported if you specified it when you placed your order.
  2. Access into your docs directory is only supported using FrontPage. You may not add or delete files in this directory using telnet or standard FTP.
  3. You may use telnet or standard FTP to access your root directory, and your logs or cgi-bin directory. See Log on and FTP for using FTP.
  4. Your logs directory contains standard NCSA error and access logs.
  5. All references to cgi scripts should be made as follows; http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/your_script. (Replace yoursite.com with your domain name or IP address and your_script with your cgi script or program file name.)
Copying your FrontPage Web to your Virtual Server.
  1. Once you have created your site using FrontPage, connect to the Internet.
  2. Open FrontPage Explorer.*
  3. Once in FrontPage Explorer, open your newly-created web site on your local computer.
  4. From the File Menu choose Publish FrontPage Web (Copy Web in version 1.1) and enter your NetNWeb IP address for the Destination Web Server. Leave the Destination Web section blank (in version 1.1, enter a single Front Slash / and check "Add to an Existing Web").
  5. Choose "OK" to start copying your local web to your virtual server. This may take a little time depending on your connection speed to the Internet and the quantity and size of your files.

* If you are using FrontPage 2000, there is no FrontPage Explorer.  Just choose "Publish Web" from the File menu (step 4) and enter your NetNWeb IP address for the Destination Web Server. If you need further assistance with FrontPage, see your software's documentation or help menu.



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