FTP and Upload Information

Once you have created your HTML documents, you are going to need to move them from your local computer onto your virtual server. If you are using FrontPage, please reference Using FrontPage. If you are using CompuServe, AOL or or a similar Internet access service, you may have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) interface built in to your service. If you do not, we recommend FTP software available on the Internet (Search Download.com for "FTP"). 

Windows 95/98/2000 WS_FTP 32



 Configuring Your FTP Software:

You will need the following information from the new account information e-mailed to you when you first joined NetNWeb.

- Administrative Login
- Administrative Password
- FTP Host Name
When you upload your files, there are a few important things to consider:
  1. When you configure your FTP software, choose Auto Detect for Host Type
  2. Your virtual server runs under UNIX which is case sensitive. A good rule to follow is to make all your file names and extensions lower case characters. If you follow this rule, it's also important to make sure any links contained within your HTML documents refer to linked pages and graphics using all lower case characters.
  3. You will need to name your first (home) document index.htm.
  4. When you connect to NetNWeb you will be in your root directory. In order for your pages to be available to the public, you must store your HTML files and graphics (pictures) in your docs directory. You may wish to create sub directories within your docs directory to separate files and images.
  5. All cgi scripts and programs need to be copied into your cgi-bin directory. Although this directory is located at the same level as your docs directory, all references to cgi scripts should be made as follows; http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/your_script.(Replace yoursite.com with your domain name or IP address and your_script with your cgi script or program file name.)
  6. If you are a Mac user using PageMill, PageMill may add either a .bin or .txt extension to your files which must be removed in order for such files to load properly.
If you need assistance with the FTP software, see your software's help menu.



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